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The Freebies list.

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The Freebies list. Empty The Freebies list.

Post by mikefx on 8th November 2010, 8:28 am

Rite guys, post any freebies you know of in here, any free programs whether its for graphics or anything else, if its a free program/software, then stick it in here for people to read about and visit the homepage if they want.
Post the title, a screen shot if you can, about it and the homepage link.
Title - Karbon.
The Freebies list. 16a6xig
Karbon is a free vector graphics editor for KOffice. Karbon comes with nice vector graphics tools. Karbon provides support for creating graphics in following formats: ODG, SVG, PNG, PDF, WMF. Karbon comes with a customizable user interface, so you can choose where you want your toolbars to go.
Karbon comes with various drawing tools, gradient and pattern tools, calligraphy drawing tool, snapping features, various standard shapes like circle, stars etc., and complex path operations.
Homepage and download.
Whether you want to create clipart, logos, illustrations or photorealistic vector images – look no further, Karbon is the tool for you!

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