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Thy Official Forum Rule Book

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Thy Official Forum Rule Book Empty Thy Official Forum Rule Book

Post by TimothyPerkins on 9th October 2010, 3:55 pm

This Text Begins The Rules
Welcome to Thy Rulebook of Gaming Galaxy
In this post I shall be stating what the rules will be building in order to build better forum relations, and not get expelled.
If you are expelled from the site you still have chance to talk it over with administrative figures such as me or Alex.
In case of expulsion you may contact me via Msn:
Me -
In cases of warnings or punishments they will eventually wear of so do not worry.
With these rules I plan to help this nation be a better place. Long live the nation of "Galaxy Gaming"
Revoking Punishment
Warnings - will run out over time or will be taken off by admins
Muting - will run out over time or will be taken off by admins
Temporary bans - will run out after a designated of time or revoked by admins
Permanent bans - will never run out of time, but can be negotiated with admins in some cases
Ip bans - will never run out of time, and cannot be revoked by negotiating in most cases
Negotiating contact eMails below...
Me -
Extreme Rules - Rules that get you temporarily banned or banned in most cases
Rule One
Posting porn or linking to porn on purpose (Accidents include if the link was taken over, and changed to a pornographic link)
We will be the judge if it is on purpose or not. Pornography especially ones of child porn is not allowed AT ALL. This rule in
particular will earn you a one way ticket to full expulsion. Full expulsion is permanent unless revoked by admins.
Repetitive breaking of this rule with new accounts will earn you an ip ban with no questions asked.
Rule Two
Attempted Hack of the site. We all know we have claimed we can hack a site, but in cases admins do not take this as, funny
or a laughing matter. Admins will take action against this which include temporary bans, and some times full bans if we notice
something truthfully wrong when threatened or something coming from your ip address.
Rule Three
Death threats. These are taken serious by staff members, and we will take immediate action. We want everyone to feel safe
whilst posting, and being active on this forum. Death threats will result in bans or ip bans. It may even become as serious as
to contacting the authorities, and supplying your ip address. We do not mean to scare using authorities, but we do not want
death threats as they could be truth or false. Just steer clear from this, and nothing big should happen.
Normal Rules
Rule One
Spamming is not permitted purposefully. Spamming is annoying, and takes up space on the forum. Spamming will usually end up
in warnings, and mutes on 2nd or 3rd offences. If you spam with multiple accounts, and are doing it to be annoying you may be
banned or ip banned. Even sometimes with just one account.
Rule Two
Flaming is rude, and unneeded. Flaming includes repeated cursing at people(s). Flaming also includes letting people down a lot
especially in harsh ways. This does not include positive criticism, and in most cases criticism in general. This will result in warnings,
and being muted. If you flame with multiple accounts, and are doing it to be annoying or mean you may be
banned or ip banned. Even sometimes with just one account.
Rule Three
Please do not Advertise your forum outside of your signature. including PMs. If someone is caught advertising through PM the person that reported it will be rewarded and their names will be kept silent and the person advertising with receive a warning
Guideline One
Please steer away from cursing much. We want to have a friendly bonded community.
I have stated major rules, negotiating trouble, guidelines, and general rules. I thank you for skimming or reading the rules, and
I hope you follow them. Following the rules will help you be a good member, and help grow your forum reputation.
Change Log/w Revision Number
Revision 0
The first rules have been released, please follow them!
Note One
The rules may change at anytime, and I suggest to check them occasionally in the case a major change
takes effect. We maintain the right to amend the rules at anytime.
Note Two
If you have suggestions or if you notice grammar/spelling errors for the rules please contact me at...
Me -
This Text Ends The Rules

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