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How to PM - Tutorial

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How to PM - Tutorial Empty How to PM - Tutorial

Post by Black Star on 10th December 2010, 5:42 am

This is a tutorial about private message . Private message is being named as message in Art-castle navigation .

It is below the Banner .

I will show the screen shot :

click on image to make larger .

How to PM - Tutorial

Now look here this is a main part .

How to PM - Tutorial

I will tell by numbers now .

1. New PM - you can write a New PM by it . You have type the subject , to whom you want to sent the message and what message , Then click on send your message will be sent .

2. you inbox is - full .Your inbox can have only 50 PMs's you have to delete if you get more . Your inbox fills 2% per Pm you get.

3. New PM received - When you receive a New PM you can see the subject name which is wrote in bold letters . Below it tells who has sent it . At the right side that what time it was sent .

4. Small light blue color circle image - This image indicates that you have not read the PM .

5. small dark blue color circle image - This indicates that you have read the PM

6. Mark - you can mark the Pms . You can mark them and then scroll down then save them or delete them .

7. Display messages from - You can change the order of Pm by this feature .

8. Inbox - This is were you can see Pms sent to you by other users.

9. Sentbox - You can see The pms sent by you to other users .

10. outbox - If a user has not read the Pm the Pm stays in outbox until the users who receives the PM see's it .

11. save box - you can save Your important Pm's at save box . You can save by marking it and then scrolling down then clicking on save save marked .
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