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minecraft game

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minecraft game Empty minecraft game

Post by exploding creeper on 1st September 2011, 4:09 am

so i have noticed there is no topic for minecraft, well now there is.

minecraft is a game that's sweeping the world. it's basicly a sandbox game, a game where you can do anything. at the moment there is no goal, just to build things and survive. it's not a full game just yet, it's currently in beta 1.7.3 with 1.8 to come out soon. they say the final game will be released in 78 days, but that could change. the graphics are blocky because it's a world just made of blocks. you use them to create houses, monuments, traps etc.
there are a few "mobs" that hurt you, zombies can just touch you and you are hurt, they only want a hug. skeletons shoot arrows from bows. spiders jump on you. but the worst is the creeper, a weird looking green creature that will blow up if you get too close and don't kill it or back off. zombies and skeletons burn up in the sunlight and spiders become friendly, creepers just stick around until they despawn. there are also 2 other bad mobs in the game, zombie pig men and gasts, they are found in the nether which is basicly hell. zombie pig men are passive until you attack them and they attack back in swarms. gasts are huge flying creatures that shoot explosive fireballs at you, but the explosion can't even destroy stone.
there are good mobs too. cows give you leather which you can turn into armor, pigs give you pork to heal you, chickens drop feathers, sheep give you wool and squids give you ink sacks. there are also wolves you can befriend.
the goal of the game is to just survive but there are now achievements to do as well and the ultimate goal of the game is to find diamonds, the rarest ore in the game, if you make a sword out of it, it only takes 2 hits to kill a creeper, the diamond pick axe can collect any rock, the diamond axe cuts down trees faster and a diamond shovel digs dirt fast. the other ore you can turn into tools are iron and gold, but gold is pretty much worthless. you can even make armor with iron, gold and diamonds, but i think it's a waste.
that's basicly the game in a nutshell, i love it and hope to find people here who love it too.

p.s they say when it's finished, minecraft will be available for the xbox 360 and new portable playstation thing lol
exploding creeper
exploding creeper

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minecraft game Empty Re: minecraft game

Post by Black Star on 1st September 2011, 12:25 pm

That'ssssss a very niccccce topic you have here... sssssss.... sssshame if ssssomething were to happen to it... sssssss.... Lol yeah love Minecraft Razz So does Ikari and Bozo
Black Star
Black Star

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