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red steel 2

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red steel 2 Empty red steel 2

Post by bozo on 20th June 2011, 4:44 pm

ok, I just bought this game and i'm already in love with it. in red steel 2 you play as a lone warrior, the last of the Kusagari clan, a clan of samurai who live in a wild west city. made specifically for the wii motion plus, you carry the sword of your clan with you and use it to cut your enemies down as well as carrying a range fire arms including a revolver, 2 barrel small shotgun and a Tommy gun (there is 1 more but have not unlocked yet). but swinging a sword around wildly would just not do it right? oh no, you are able to train and be taught the secret techniques of your clan by your sensei as you progress through the game. you are also able to unlock secret techniques to help vanquish your foes. so far red steel has been action packed and full of surprises. it's hard to put the wiimote down and have a break even though your arms get tired Razz i love the game and will continue to play it for quite a while


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