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007 goldeneye

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007 goldeneye Empty 007 goldeneye

Post by bozo on 2nd April 2011, 2:55 pm

this is the remake of the classic 007 goldeneye for nintendo 64. you play as 007 bond, james bond, arriving in Russia you must make your way through a secret facility to find and destroy what lies within. throughout the game you are given a variety of weapons including an AK-47, rocket launcher, powerful handguns and a variety of other sniper rifles, assault rifles and SMGs. with twists and turns, you find bond must face foes more cunning than the one that he originally set out to find. the campaign is fantastic with even more levels than the 64 version. but the multiplayer has also improved, you get to play as a variety of characters including bond, many villains through different movies and even as other MI6 agents and of course the multiplayer wouldn't be complete without the golden gun where 1 hit from this baby will kill you. this game is new generation on a classic, I highly recommended it

007 goldeneye Nintendo-64-n64-007-goldeneye-640fb

007 goldeneye James-bond-007-golden-eye-classic-edition-2
007 goldeneye James-bond-007-goldeneye-wii-

007 goldeneye Goldeneye-007-1

007 goldeneye Goldeneye-007-20100615013426289_640w

007 goldeneye 23wl46b
007 goldeneye 11gptt0
007 goldeneye 10xfzv6

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