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Halo Image Galery

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Halo Image Galery Empty Halo Image Galery

Post by kabogh on 3rd January 2011, 3:20 am

This is (I think) the best images I have for halo:
Halo Image Galery Halo-c10Halo Image Galery 65px-m10Halo Image Galery 164px-10The previous image is an huragok in halo:combat evolved,we can only find it by modding.
Halo Image Galery 193px-10Halo Image Galery 200px-10Halo Image Galery 217px-10Halo Image Galery Halo_210Halo Image Galery 133px-10Halo Image Galery 107px-10Halo Image Galery 145px-10Halo Image Galery 245px-11The previous image is a juggernut[a deleted material(go on halopedia for more info)] in halo2,we can only see it by modding,you replace the spawn point by a juggernut and you play!WARNING:I try to beat him,and he is very tough.
Halo Image Galery 150px-10Halo Image Galery 150px-11Halo Image Galery 150px-12
Halo Image Galery 300px-10Brute honor gardHalo Image Galery 300px-11Elite concilorHalo Image Galery 300px-12Elite honor gard
Soon,I will add more images

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Halo Image Galery Empty Re: Halo Image Galery

Post by spartan lord on 9th March 2011, 10:25 am

thease are really cool.

well done

bye the way try and add some halo reach images it would look even better
spartan lord
spartan lord

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Halo Image Galery Empty Re: Halo Image Galery

Post by Ikari on 5th July 2011, 6:17 am


Halo Image Galery Jj9xlh

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Halo Image Galery Empty Re: Halo Image Galery

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