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bozo's weekly movie review

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bozo's weekly movie review Empty bozo's weekly movie review

Post by bozo on 10th December 2010, 5:11 am

every friday I shall be giving a review on a different movie, some new, some old

week #1

the losers

this movie is awsome, it's a movie version of a comic/graphic novel and it follows 5 ex-special forces soldires, "jensen"; the communication, technology and funny guy, "couger"; long range eliminations I.E sniper assasin, "pooch"; transportation and heavy weapons, "rouge"; demolition and tactical and "clay"; operation control I.E. the guy in charge

after, taking out a drug dealing ring in Bolivial and saving 25 children, they are about to enter into their rescue chopper, but there isn't enough room for them and the kids, they decise to stay behind, when a jet is ordered to blow up the chopper, believing that the losers are still in there. having accidentally killed 25 children and some unknown soldires, and having people believe the are dead, the losers go into hiding.

when clay is found by a girl telling him who it was that tried to kill them, she offers to help by sneaking them back into the states to stop the madman, what they find is unbelieveavable, and they must fight for their lives, will they be winners, or losers?

I give this movie 4.5/5 stars and roccomend it to everyonearound the age of 15+

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