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create your own bleach zanpaktou

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create your own bleach zanpaktou Empty create your own bleach zanpaktou

Post by bozo on 8th December 2010, 10:58 am

In this area you can create your own zanpaktou from bleach here is mine

first off, be creative, don't steal anyone elses design, don't post one from the anime, and if your creating an elemental one, don't just create fire, be creative

Name: abyssus incendia (Latin for hell’s fire)

position of zanpaktou: in a sheath on right leg

Sealed type: Wakizashi (short blade)

Looks like: a large machete
create your own bleach zanpaktou Machete

Type: fire type zanpaktou, a single swipe in sealed for will melt any unenhanced metal but cannot destroy a zanpaktou

Shikai Release command: incinerate, abyssus incendia (Latin for incinerate, hell’s fire)

Shikai form: a 2 bladed sword with the handle in the middle of the 2 blades,

create your own bleach zanpaktou AAAAAkJNmWUAAAAAAHW8lg

Like so but the blades are much larger and look like axes. The blades glow crimson red

Shikai abilities: on the command “sever” the handle splits and grows larger so the blades can be duel wielded. On the command “melt” the blades melt and whoever touches the melted blades will be cut and gain 3rd degree burns. On the command “solidify” the melted blades will solidify into any form I choose, be it another blade, a shield or metal zanpaktou gauntlets for my hands and arms.

Apart from that, the blades can now slice through anything and even weaker zanpaktous

Bankai name: crimen diabolus secures (latin for crimson devil’s axe)

Bankai form: a fiery red demonic scythe like so

create your own bleach zanpaktou 2hnbaeq

Bankai release command: sto super abyssus wastelands, crimen diabolus secures (Latin for “stand upon the hellish wastelands, crimson devil’s axe”)

Bankai abilities: a swipe of the scythe will create a wave of fire. By hitting the ground with the end of the handle will create pillars of fire. Also has the ability to rip the soul out of someone

Well this is my zanpaktou, let’s see what other people can come up with Smile Wink

create your own bleach zanpaktou 23wl46b
create your own bleach zanpaktou 11gptt0
create your own bleach zanpaktou 10xfzv6

I have seen heaps of anime, PM me to get some good ones

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