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the differences

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the differences Empty the differences

Post by bozo on 6th December 2010, 3:05 am

ok, there has been trouble with some members not knowing what anime is, what manga is and how they are different from normal cartoons.

first off manga: it is bacicly a graphic novel created in Japan, that's it, nothing else to say

next cartoons: cartoons are made in America, you can tell by the way they are drawn that it is a cartoon and not anime, cartoon characters have the same basic principal of design, take homer simpson, very easy to draw

finally anime: this I get really stressed on, anime is made in JAPAN, the only exception to this is avatar the last airbender which was made in America, it was america's attempt at anime, they came close but still messed up. 95% of anime comes from manga and it is rare that you will find an anime that didn't start from a manga. the simple way to tell if a show is anime, look at the characters' features, big shiny eyes and big crazy hair styles and colours. you will also find that anime is more violent and perverted than cartoons, because cartoons are ment for kids whaile most anime is ment for older teens (16+)

I think it's pretty easy to tell what is what now


the differences HomerSimpson48


the differences Full_metal_alchemist_926

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I have seen heaps of anime, PM me to get some good ones

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