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elfen lied anime +15

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elfen lied anime +15 Empty elfen lied anime +15

Post by bozo on 5th December 2010, 6:50 am

This anime should only be viewed by the
following types of people, people who can stanb blood and gore, those over the
age of 15 and those who do not get offended really easily. If you meet all
these requirements, congrats. Elfin lied is one of the most disturbing anime
ever, it is violent and very unusual, the story follows a girl named lucy, a
girl born with pink hair and horns, she’s what’s called a diclonious, along
with the horns and hair, there are also 4 two metre long invisible hands coming
out of her back called vectors. She meets up with a boy named kohta, but what
is the connection between them. Because of an accident, lucy gains a split
personality called nyu, this is the side that kohta communicates with. The
other characters of this anime a kohta’s cousin yuka, a runaway girl called
mayu and another diclonius called nana. My final word on elfin lied, be
prepared, stick to the requirements, DO NOT! Watch it alone/in the dark and
never trust people with horns growing out of their heads

This is lucy

elfen lied anime +15 Lucy-ElfenLied

This is kohta

elfen lied anime +15 Kouta

This is yuka

elfen lied anime +15 Yuka-elfen-lied2

This is mayu

elfen lied anime +15 Mayu2

This is nana

elfen lied anime +15 Elfenlied-3

elfen lied anime +15 23wl46b
elfen lied anime +15 11gptt0
elfen lied anime +15 10xfzv6

I have seen heaps of anime, PM me to get some good ones

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elfen lied anime +15 Empty Re: elfen lied anime +15

Post by bozo on 6th December 2010, 8:54 am

here is the trailer but I advice only those 15 and over to watch it