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happy lesson anime

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happy lesson anime Empty happy lesson anime

Post by bozo on 5th December 2010, 4:21 am

You see there is this guy call chitose, who
is probably the luckiest guy ever, he lives in a huge and beautiful house and
the class rep totally digs him (maybe) there 5 things that he has that he’s
sure he doesn’t want......5 mums, you heard me right, 5 mums and get this,
they’re also his teachers at school. When at home, they ask him to call them
mama ______ depending on who it is. The first one is mutsuki or “mama mutsuki”
mutsuki is his homeroom teacher and also teaches English, she is by far the
most normal of the lot. Next is kisaragi or “mama kisaragi”. This is the
science teacher and is much like rei from neon genesis evangelion and yuki from
the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya. Kisaragi has a habit of turning chitose into
a science experiment. The next one is yayoi or “mama yayoi” yayoi is the school
nurse and priestess, she has a real habit of taking things tooooooo far when it
comes to chitose’s health. The next teacher mum is uzuki or “mama uzuki” uzuki
is the arts teacher, she’s younger that all the other mums and very energetic,
she loves creating costumes. The final teacher mum is satsuki or “mama satsuki”
satsuki is the school coach, she takes fitness toooooooooo far, like making
kids run 26 laps of the school oval or making them swim 20 laps of the school
pool with a garbage can tied to their backs, she’s also the most well endowed
of all the mums. My final word on happy lesson, extremely funny and must be

This is chitose

happy lesson anime 1116861-chitose_2_large

This is mutsuki

happy lesson anime Mutsuki

This is kisaragi

happy lesson anime Mom-ageddon

This is yayoi

happy lesson anime 0

This is uzuki

happy lesson anime 1117664-uduki_t_large

This is satsuki

happy lesson anime Happy5

you will not believe how hard it was to find good pics

happy lesson anime 23wl46b
happy lesson anime 11gptt0
happy lesson anime 10xfzv6

I have seen heaps of anime, PM me to get some good ones

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happy lesson anime Empty Re: happy lesson anime

Post by bozo on 6th December 2010, 8:32 am

here's the trailer