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the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya anime

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the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya anime

Post by bozo on 4th December 2010, 12:14 pm

This anime is hilarious, the melancholy of
haruhi suzumiya. This anime follows the life and is narriated by a boy named
Kyon. On the first day of highschool he meets a strange girl by the name of
haruhi suzumiya. Who doesn’t like ordinary people but wants to meet aliens,
time travellers and ESPers (psychics).
Haruhi is exelent at sports and any type of after school activity, she
can sing and play any instrument, but she has her eccentric sides to her as
well. For instance, in the first ep, kyon explains that when changing into gym
clothes the boys use the even numbered class rooms and the girls use the odd,
haruhi wouldn’t care if guys were around, she’d just start taking her clothes
off, which would be why guys were thrown out of some class rooms. After Kyon
befriends haruhi, they make a club for hunting down unexplained stuff like
aliens, time travellers etc. Called the SOS Brigade (the spreading excitement
all over the world with haruhi suzumiya brigade), (in Japanese it’s supposed to
become an acrostic poem XD) anyway, after starting the club the club gets
a total of 5 members, kyon and haruhi but also a girl named yuki nagto who
loves to read and get this is also an alien android sent to study haruhi. The
next is a young, yet very well endowed, girl named Mikuru Asahina, a very shy
girl who becomes the club’s mascot and haruhi finds heaps of hot clothes to put
her in, from a bunny suit, to a maid outfit, to a nurse outfit. But mikuru has
a secret as well, turns out she’s a time traveller sent to observe haruhi.
Finally there’s Itsuki Koizumi, just your average quiet transfer student
who........wait for an ESPer sent to keep an eye on haruhi. Turns
out there are things in haruhi’s past that she never knew about and has no
memory of, with mysterious things happening around him, kyon is told by all
three of them what they are and why they’re there, but haruhi is never supposed
to know, must be pretty hard for kyon being the only normal person in the
group. My final word, lots of laughs, lots fan service, lots of craz stuff
happening to your normal everyday highschool student. One of my most fav anime

This is haruhi


This is kyon


This is yuki


This is mykuru


This is itsuki


This is the SOS brigade logo



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Re: the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya anime

Post by bozo on 6th December 2010, 2:18 am

here is the trailer