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kaleido star anime

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kaleido star anime Empty kaleido star anime

Post by bozo on 4th December 2010, 12:08 pm

This anime is hilarious, kaleido star
follows a girl from japan called sora. She travels halfway across the world to
America to participate in the anime world’s cirque du soleil, the kaleido
stage. By the end of the first ep sora makes it onto the stage but many things
stand in her way, she makes many friends and becomes one of the only people
able to see the phantom of the stage “fool” a perverted, 30 cm tall spirit that
will make you laugh. In her band of friends, sora has, Layla Hamilton, a rich
girl and star of the stage. Mia Guillem, a girl who is just like sora. Anna
heart, the girl the completes the trio with sora and mia, this girl strives to
be a comedian but always fails. Yuri killian, the male star of the stage and
layla’s partner, something isn’t too right with this guy.......sarah dupont,
the singer of the stage and dorm manager, this woman will break your arm while
making you laugh. Kalos eido, the founder of the kaleido stage, this guy
changes his tune faster than radio stations. Jerry, or “Mr. Policeman” this guy
continues to make the point that he is sora’s #1 fan. Ken robbins, the stage
manager of the stage, not much really to say except he has a crush on sora, but
she is completely oblivious XD. Rosetta Passel, the jounior diablo champion
this girl has an attitude but is loveable. And finally there’s Johnathan the seal.
The only ones who can see the fool are sora, layla, rosetta (but during the
OVA) and johnathan. It’s said that the only ones who can see the fool are
destined for the stage. My final word on kaleido star, funny and heart warming,
not to be missed.

This is sora

kaleido star anime 1140551983_doStarsora

This is layla

kaleido star anime Layla

This is mia

kaleido star anime Mia

This is anna

kaleido star anime Anna1

This is sarah

kaleido star anime 56

This is kalos

kaleido star anime Kalos

This is ken

kaleido star anime Kaleido10

This is Mr. Policeman

kaleido star anime Jerry

This is rosetta

kaleido star anime Rosetta

This is johnathan

kaleido star anime 500full-kaleido-star-screenshot

This is fool

kaleido star anime 18185876

kaleido star anime 23wl46b
kaleido star anime 11gptt0
kaleido star anime 10xfzv6

I have seen heaps of anime, PM me to get some good ones

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kaleido star anime Empty Re: kaleido star anime

Post by bozo on 6th December 2010, 2:16 am

here is one of the trailers, I'll add the other ones later Wink