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who's your fav anime villian

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who's your fav anime villian Empty who's your fav anime villian

Post by bozo on 4th December 2010, 12:01 pm

hey guys, I thought I'd create a topic looking at your fav anime villian, please don't just say your fav villian please post a pic, their name, what anime they're from, a bio about them and why you like them, here's mine

Millions Knives

who's your fav anime villian 59knives

anime: Trigun
age: 130 (yes I'm serious.....stop laughing)

bio: knives isn't human, he is what's know as a "plant", not a tree/vegtable plant, a plant is a power source created by humans to provide power to space ships and towns, they are also know as "the beings outside of time", this is why knives doesn't look 130 years old, usually plants are created inside big lightbulb containers but knives and his twin brother vash (the good/main character of the series) were "born", if you will, outside the bulbs, on a space ship, so they look more human, when he was young he was treated badly by one of ships crew members, so knives decided to get his revenge, by slowly killing the other crew members, without hesatation. once the captian had been killed, he reset the ships course to crash into the planet "gun smoke" him and vash were the only survivers of that ship, however a woman named rem saved the other ships. once down on the planet, knives set out with vash to find and kill all the other humans, vash just wanted compony. after 30 years knives creates his weapon of choise, a black .45 calabour handgun that helps to turn his arm into an "angel arm"
who's your fav anime villian Fd37268e796f10_full
(the above pic is vash's angel arm, knives' is jet black)

the angel arm is capable of destroying entire cities and it has, TWICE!, knives gives a silver handgun to vash, which he tricks vash, to wipe out a city. along with destroying 2 cities and a spaceship full of people, knives also kills the entire poputlation of 5 other cities.

why I like him: because even though he's a boarder line psychopath, he's still able to find time to ruin his brother's life and drink a good wine
who's your fav anime villian Trigun_knives0042

who's your fav anime villian 23wl46b
who's your fav anime villian 11gptt0
who's your fav anime villian 10xfzv6

I have seen heaps of anime, PM me to get some good ones

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