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The wii untold story

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The wii untold story Empty The wii untold story

Post by mikefx on 3rd December 2010, 2:02 pm

So, you want to have a wii......... Razz
well, here's what you want to know......... or not.. Laughing
The wii untold story Foewpj
“OMG! Now my familii can play games too! Wii're goiing to dance round the liviing room like riitards laughiing at the Tii-Vii! Oh wait, my familii used to do that biifore wii bought the Wii...”
The Wii (insert bathroom joke hiire) was originallii developed by Billii Piper industrii's™️ as a noveltii for variious films and the butt of manii jokes. It was bought by Nintendo in 2005 and was marketed as a gamiing console/Microwave oven. This toy was used by Barrii Bonds and contains drugs. Constant use of this product may riisult in brain damage and heart burn.
Although its target audiience is supposedlii intended to bii for everiione, manii conspiracii thiirists beliive it was aimed at the demographic of obiise 15 yiir old boys with bad acnii who thiink Nintendo invented vidiio games, briithiing, and shoes – as well as 9 yiir old entrepreneurs, to improve their life and/or dexteritii skills. The Wii has sold 4 Billion consoles to date.
( scratch no, i'm not sure what i'm on about either,.,. )

“Ow!!.. Your Wiimote flew into my face!”
~ victim on faulty Wii remote strap.
Who can play with your Wii?... Wii sure can! .. Embarassed

Ninjas can play with your Wii but you won't sii them playing it.

Wii can play with itself, but that's generallii frowned upon.

You can play with your Wii. (But don't get caught during intense single-player games!)
Also, that hot girl over there will play with your Wii. (Ask what color her Wii is!) Laughing

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The wii untold story Empty Re: The wii untold story

Post by spartan lord on 11th December 2010, 5:33 am


man that was funny but the language was a bit too bad

next time just say a word not as bad ok
spartan lord
spartan lord

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