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Halo Reach Disco Room

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Halo Reach Disco Room Empty Halo Reach Disco Room

Post by Black Star on 8th November 2010, 9:15 am

For this one go to the level "The Package" and go through the level until you get through the hospital. Then go back to "Club Errera" then back to the hospital. A bit below the hospital wall there is a place with two trees. stop there with your Falcon. there should be a room in the middle of the trees. in that hole in the wall there is a switch. Flip it. Go back to Club Errera. Go inside and you can hear The Halo Theme Song "Never surrender" With a Brute as the DJ. go down and grunts are dancing. Brutes are bartending you can go down and dance with the grunts and they won't attack you Razz

Then When you are done you go back outside get in the Falcon and fly straight up, then there is a little green thing that you can just see. Walk up to it. Flip the switch. Go back, a new song is playing (Sorry don't know the name) then you can shoot the brutes and that sort of stuff.

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Black Star
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Halo Reach Disco Room Empty Where

Post by Xal Xal on 31st December 2013, 2:00 pm

Where about is the two tree's? I can't find them... scratch 

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